Milos Island, Greece 2012

Greece was definitely the right place to go to recharge my batteries.

The destination, Milos Island in Aegean sea, couldn’t be picked any better. There were no annoying tourists, no Czech speaking people, there was a beautiful private beach with at the most six to ten people on it, wicked yummy food that I crave already and the best coffee that made me stop pouring gallons of milk into my “latte” coffee.

It is time to let the pictures talk for me 🙂 Enjoy!

The beach, about 200 meters from our place

A little bay with boats and their cute tiny garages
Cactus everywhere... Opuntia especially
...and succulents I was attempted to steal 🙂

Curious kittens saying "Aaa, she is damn white, probably a foreigner"...
... angry street cats meowing at your table at a restaurant ...
... and a one particularly lazy hanging out at our balcony, named Kočičák

I am sorry, I really can't help it!
Cool narrow streets in Plaka town...
.. decorated with beautiful oleander plants ..
... with natural umbrellas.

A bakery in Plaka I fell in love immediately after trying some of their goodies...
... for example this pudding with some biscuits inside with a delicious creamy topping.

Octopuses seem to love sun...
... so they get hung up on a clothes line just like that.
These were ready for our plate.

This sexy chick on the left is a well known Aphrodite, often called as "Venus de Milo". You can meet her copy in the archeological museum in Plaka. If you want to see her real beauty you gotta go to Louvre, in Paris.
The entrance to the archeological museum in Plaka

Mandrakia was a lovely tiny place right at the sea with those boat garages and housings for the fishermen. That guy with the white hat was supposedly preparing an octopus for a lunch by hitting it on the rock surface.
Mandrakia's Medousa cafe where we had...
an unbelievably yummy grilled goat cheese with honey and some seeds,

the best tzatziki on Milos,
a greek coffee in such cute cups,
and a beautiful view like this woman.

I could go on and on… as I have tons of pictures of the blue & white beauty.
So if you got this far please continue to the full gallery Milos, Greece in my Dropbox. 🙂

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  1. Jé, (napsal bych “závist”, ale to by znělo uboze :)) Tak napíšu, že “bych si dal taky”! Super fotky a určitě super relax… v Řecku jsem nebyl, ale přesně takhle si to tam představuju… posouvám v seznamu “musím se tam podívat” o pár příček výše 🙂

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