Roller blading Cape Cod Canal in photos

Cape Cod Canal Bike Path is an awesome place to spend your afternoon. You can go just for a walk, go on a bike or on roller blades. And if you don’t want to walk you can just lay on the beach next to the jetty at the very top of the canal. Let’s have a peek at the beauty you can see around. 🙂 Thank you Google for the map.

Cape Cod Canal map
Cape Cod Canal map

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  1. Hello. I am writing a blog item about bridge design and how the Lake Champlain Bridge inspired many bridges of the same style. I’m writing to see if I could use your photo of the Sagamore Bridge, which shows the same perspective I have of the Champlain Bridge and the Whittier Bridge on the North Shore. The photo would be submitted to the Mass. Department of Transportation blog, Thank you!

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